freelance artist and character designer

terms of use❐ i have the right to refuse any commission. if i cannot complete your commission, you will be notified❐ payments have to be made using paypal. i cannot accept any other form or use of payment❐ payments must be send AFTER THE SKETCH IS SHOWN TO YOU! after i show you the first, basic concept sketch and you are satisficed with it, payment will then need to be sent❐ updates will be send to you periodically, please make sure to be responsive and available for any changes you may want❐ no major changes after i have finished block colors! please try to make all the changes you want during the sketching phase, as it is difficult to change anything after i have finished blocking out shapes and begin coloring❐ refunds are not available. if you are not happy with the sketch, DO NOT SEND THE MONEY! instead, either ask me to change things to help fit your needs, or do not continue with the commission. i am unable to send any form of refunds after you have sent money, unless under specific circumstances❐ do not ask me to draw using someone else's style. i will be using my art style for my commissions, i cannot and will not draw something in any other style than my own❐ do not claim or resell your commission. please do not claim my work as your own or resell it to someone else❐ not under any circumstances are my commissions to be used for NFTs, anything crypto related, or used for AI generated "art" !